My name is Jimmy.

I am a husband, dad, lead pastor of FaithPoint Community Church, and blogger.

Discipleship is very important to me. Discipleship to a Christ-follower is a way of life. It affects every area of life. I am not into religion but a life changing relationship with Christ.

Discipleship is also a journey. Becoming a true disciple of Christ is a process. I hope that through this blog you are able to see my heart. I believe that throughout our current place in history that the church has dropped the ball on discipleship.

Discipleship should start in the local church. Men should be taught how to be a devoted disciple of Christ. Then men can be trained to lead their families and to be leaders in the local church. Churches that do not disciple its members may often find themselves with people in leadership and teaching positions that have never been discipled and do not know how to disciple others.

The Church needs men. Men that stand firm on Scripture as the ultimate source of authority, men that will fight for their families and churches, men that flee the traps and snares of culture and follow hard after Christ, men that are not afraid to share their faith, men that are not ashamed of the gospel.

The posts on the blog will cover all avenues of life from the mind of a pastor. I hope that you are able to find some things enjoyable and some that help you in your passionate pursuit of Christ.

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Email: jimmy.proulx@gmail.com


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