One comment on “The Simple Prayer of a Child

  1. Wow how are like reading this post. There is a number of ways it could take this post and teach only children of adult. The meaning and understanding of not only prayer, but also what heaven looks like. This simple child’s prayer if you truly read between the lines, will help you to understand the true meaning of prayer and how much the heavenly father loves us. If we would only take the time to truly look at this post and ponder it as we are told almost every Sunday in our churches synagogues, and other houses of worship. Not excluding this pastor and his ability to preach but I have been doing other house of worship hold international House of prayer [ Ihop] (note to the reader: for more information on the house of prayer visit their website at the other line in this post that sticks out to me that we as the church do not understand is ” you don’t have to use “BIG” theological words.” seeing this very line in this post needs to speak to pastors who feel that they need to use large words to get this next generation to understand the power of prayer this is a non true and or false reality and or motion that was set into movement in their pre-generation. The bottom line to all this is we have forgotten how to keep it “SIMPLE” when it comes to prayer as well as teaching on prayer. Is why I said in this reply to this pastor post that I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the following( which I put in quotes above) “You don’t have to use “BIG” theological word.” the final question is to not only the congregation( the body of Christ.) But to also the pastors ( the leaders of the flock) why are some of you who are called to be the leaders of the flock trying to use words with babies that don’t understand?

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