4 comments on “C.J. Mahaney The Pastor’s Charge part 1

    • I am aware. However, during his sabbatical, Mahaney confessed and repented of his sin. His church has forgiven him. It is not my job to discuss it. He has been forgiven by both God and his church.

  1. Jimmy

    Forgiveness isn’t the issue. The issue is for a leader like Mahaney there should be consequences of his actions. Sadly SGM didn’t impose any consequences including for Mahaney blackmailing Tomczak. Shouldn’t have these actions have disqualified Mahaney?

  2. Jimmy

    You might also want to be aware of Mahaney backpedaling on his early July 2011 “confession” at the November 2011 SGM Pastors’ Conference. A transcript of what Mahaney said at this pastors’ conference is given at this link:


    A statement issued by CLC (Josh Harris’s Church) where they said “Our pastoral team was disappointed by the tone and posture of C.J.’s remarks, and we feel strongly that it’s appropriate for you to read them, because they reflect apparent changes in his thinking about his LoA and his confession to our congregation at the July 10 Members Meeting.” can be found here:


    I don’t think you can really claim Mahaney “confessed” his sin. Mahaney did a nice backpedaling job.

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