3 comments on “The Temple

  1. Paul also goes into saying to eat what is served to you, asking no questions for conscience sake, only abstaining from things strangled. blood, and maybe something else. and he says not to eat anything that is offered to idols.

    • Joshua,

      I understand where you are coming from. I do know that Paul says that because of the grace of Jesus we are to call nothing unclean. However, Paul also says that just because we can do something, does not mean that we will benefit from it. I am leaning toward a healthier lifestyle. I believe that God would get more glory from me if I was healthy and not because I was overweight eating Cheetos and Oreos.

  2. Hi… I am familiar with what Paul has said about food and what we are to do with it in regard to spirituality. I found this page by searching for an image of solomon’s temple on google.

    I think it does matter what we eat, but that we should not always have it matter to ourselves.

    I also think it is wisdom to regard the food as spiritual. When Paul says to stay away from things strangled, and from blood, I think it can be applied to each of us today if we take it as instructions to stay away from anything spiritual that might be strangled or not cooked…. (we are what we eat type thing).

    Kind of like when he said to stop drinking milk and eat meat, and when he also said that we should eat the unleavened of sincerity and truth rather than the leavened evil stuff such as malice.

    This can go as far as the old testament with the connections that are made…. One old testament law says not to drink milk with meat for example.

    Thanks for the picture of the temple. I will try to check this page out again to see if you replied to my comment.

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