2 comments on “The Good Thing About A Bad Economy

  1. I have always believed that theres a fine line in trusting God and being responsible. Many times in life it is always scary to venture into the unknown but with God at our side the heart should never waver. However there are times that we have thoughts that we believe are of God and if we act on them instantly we could be putting ourselves in calamity. Andy Stanley really spoke to me in his talk about dreams and visions which I think directly fits in with the age old “provision argument.” Does the desire you have linger or is it something that was on your mind that day. God blessed us with our abilities to provide for our selves and our families. So for those who feel a calling to drastically change their career paths to follow Gods call, does that mean their faith is stronger than mine? Is it better to work think logically and be able to give to those in need then be the ones in need based on their sudden desire to disciple the world. I do not know. I don’t know why but I can’t help but have this feeling that being responsible is what God’s Provision is about. Its about conserving resources and using the brain God gave you not sitting around with your arms open uttering “God will provide.” Regardless of who we are or where we are in life it is always difficult to give things up to God. Waiting has never been our strong suit. For me personally I have grown accustomed to building plans and carrying them out. However, I alway thank God for giving me the plan and watch over me in its implementation. Is it wrong to be responsible? Show we be more spontaneous and let practicality fall in God’s hands?

    • It all boils down to following God in complete and total obedience. God provides for His children. We have to have such a radical faith that we follow God with reckless abandon. Freedom comes not from trusting in ourselves but to the One who created us. Radical faith seems more than we can come up with alone. Funny isn’t it? Jesus just said that all we needed was faith the size of a mustard seed.

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